When a cherished loved one dies it can be a difficult and challenging time for a family.  Every death changes the lives of those who loved and cared for them.

Dealing with grief can be complicated, you may go through a variety of stages and emotions such as denial, anger, bargaining, depression, guilt and acceptance.   

•Denial - the beginning of the grief process. Refusal to acknowledge the truth or reality.

• Anger - often expression of emotions related to loss, anxiety, sadness, fear and disappointment.

• Bargaining - feeling of helplessness which we often negotiate to change or refer to a higher power.

• Depression - comes with the feelings of loneliness, isolation and emptiness.

• Guilt - dwelling on things that could have been different or feeling of responsibility.

• Acceptance - remembering the pleasant times with your loved one and expecting the encouragement from family and friends. Acknowledge the loss but can move forward with your life and planning for the future. This is the final step of the grieving process.

 We hope the following list of online resources will be helpful to you and your family.

Online Resources

• American Cancer Society  - cancer.org/treatment.html

•Center for Loss & Life Transition - centerforloss.com

• Helpguide.org - helpguide.org/home-pages/grief.htm

• National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization - nhpco.org