Pre-Planning Services


The decision to prearrange a funeral, whether for yourself or another, is not an easy one to make. Try to remember that prearrangement is not a preoccupation with death, but an excellent strategy for being prepared.

The main factor in prearranging your own funeral is that you are in charge. You can take comfort in knowing that all decisions are your own and that your funeral is planned just the way you want it to be.

The first step to being prepared is to discuss the idea with your family. The funeral will directly affect them, so listen carefully and note all of their suggestions. The second step is to schedule an appointment with our family service counselor, which specializes in creating Pre-Arrangements. This meeting can be held either at the funeral home or in the comfort of your own home.

There are three requirements to prearrange a funeral:

1. Place Information on File

During the prearrangement conference, the basic biographical information needed for an obituary as well as a death certificate is recorded. This information is kept on file safely at the funeral home and can be updated as necessary.

2. Select Merchandise

After recording the information, the casket and vault are selected. These are added to the file.

 3. Pre-Pay

Prefunding the funeral is a choice many people make to further ease a possible financial burden on surviving family members. It allows you to arrange a specific kind of service based on today’s cost. It also assures an adequate fund to pay for the service.

Paying for your funeral today will guarantee the full payment of the funeral at no additional cost in the future.
Our funeral home uses Homesteaders Life Insurance to fund your pre-arrangements.

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